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LuthierConvert is the fastest way to convert measurements for Luthiers and Guitar Repair Professionals.

Type in your measurement however you like: eg: 1 11/16" or 3,4 cm. LuthierConvert will even round to the nearest measurement found on a ruler.

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StringSpacer will give you perfect nut spacing every time. The StewMac String Spacing Ruler we all use is flawed. This tool accounts for your exact gauges so you can give your customer the best guitar they've ever played.

StringSpacer includes default gauges for D'Addario Acoustic 12s, Electric 10s, Classical EJ45s, Bass (45-105), Bass (45-130), and 5-String Bass to make your life more convenient. You can also enter custom string gauges, separated by a dash (-).

Two-Course Instrument functionality is in development.

Make the Perfect Nut 🧑‍🚀
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Compound radius fretboards are confusing-- especially the saddles.

This tool will give you the projected saddle radius for the perfect setup. It also gives you the radius at each fret to make your refrets go smoother.

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